ADER 2.2.1

Project title: Raising the qualitative and quantitative performances of the potato seed material from higher links, by developing and perfecting the technological and phytosanitary methods.

Project objectives:

- the ecological testing of the agro-eco-climatic offer of the suitable areas for the potato seed culture;
- determining the potential for seed protection of the Romanian varieties, especially their own creations;
-making the potato seed culture.

- modernization of the national system for the production of upper links;
-reduction of the potato seed  production scheme by 3-4 years;
- eradication of 1 outbreak of bacterial infection in potato seed production areas;
- delimitation of 2-3 microzones of potato production for seed, from Harghita county;
- testing of 3 Romanian varieties, own varieties, adapted to the climatic changes for the behavioral specific to the seed production;

Expected results:

- experimenting, validating and promoting new or improved methods of producing potato seed material from the first links;
- Implementation of ELISA and PCR methods for nucleus generation, stock generation and the first vegetative multiplication;
-determination of the physical parameters of production in protected spaces of the initial biological material using crop systems on industrial substrates (pearlite, vermiculite, expanded clay) and rapid multiplication in the greenhouse;
- the reduction of the period of obtaining the certified material at 4-5 years compared with the 8-10 years at present and the increase of the multiplication rate (1 at 8-10 years);
- the production of a number of 25,000-40,000 mini tubercules/season from Romanian varieties and varieties free of license;
- promotion of the Romanian varieties with plasticity requested by the Romanian and Community market;
- reducing the environmental pollution by reducing the number of treatments;
- reducing the risk of spread of quarantine agents and active participation in the actions of eradicating the officially declared outbreaks;
- databases related to the clonal material and to the areas suitable for seed potato production;
- guides to good agricultural and environmental practices.

Applying the results:
The results of the research were presented in the form of specialized scientific reports. The new technologies were applied on demonstrative lots organized in the culture areas both by the partners and by the project manager. The results of the research were disseminated through their publication in the form of culture-specific technologies (booklet or CD).
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