ADER 2.1.1

Project title: ADER 2.1.1 Obtaining new potato varieties adapted to climate and economic changes with higher yield in water resources management and establishing technological packages specific to current market requirements and farmers' demand.

Project objectives:

-Selection of varieties for the development of the hybridological scheme adapted to the variability;
- Inventory of hybrid and seed combinations, analysis of the behavioral character of hybrid combinations;
- Establishing research methods;
-Database on the genetic behavior of hybrid varieties and combinations;
- Selection of the most suitable genotypes existing in the in vivo and in vitro collection.

Expected results:
- Realization of hybrid combinations;
- Realization of the experimental fields of populations I and II, of the descendants and of the comparative cultures with the newly created genotypes;
-Introduction of resistance genes from genotypes with resistance/tolerance in new creations;
- 30 hybrid combinations, 1500 genotypes and 5 comparative cultures will be obtained.

Applying the results:
The results of the research were presented in the form of specialized scientific reports. The new technologies were applied on demonstration lots organized in the culture areas both by the members and by the project manager. The research results were disseminated through their publication in the form of specific culture technologies (brochure or CD).
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