About us

The Research and Development Institute for Hunting and Mountain Resources (ICDCRM) Miercurea-Ciuc was established in December, 2018 based on the Government Decision no. 992/2018 regarding the reorganization of the Research and Development Institute for Hunting and Mountain Resources Miercurea-Ciuc by abolishing the Miercurea-Ciuc Potato Research and Production Station.

It is a public institution, subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu Șișești" (ASAS), financed from its own revenues and subsidies granted from the state budget, through the ASAS budget.

The areas in which the institute carries out its research and development activities are: agriculture, hunting resource management, forest management, mountain pastures, berries production, agro-environmental problems, etc.

Although the institute has a short history, it has already made its mark in the agro-environmental field, having several ISI Thomson Reuters indexed publications.
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